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Instructor Led Health and Safety Training

health and safety training courses, instructor led health & safety classesYour employees have the right to a safe and healthy working environment and safe systems of work but all too often accidents and cases of ill health happen because they make wrong decisions, often based on poor awareness of the harm that work activities, equipment or materials can cause.

Jupiter Site Services provides an extensive range of health and safety training courses which will take your employees to a greater level of competence and help your organisation comply with health and safety legislation. After attending a Jupiter Site Services health and safety training course they will be able to identify hazards and know how to deal with them and come away with a better understanding of what they are expected to do to meet their responsibilities.

Our instructor led training courses can be off the shelf or tailored to suit your requirements. They can be taken in-house or at any of our scheduled events held at various locations around the country. Whatever your organisation’s size or budget we will have a practical and affordable health and safety training course to suit you.

JSS regularly deliver the following non-accredited courses. All of these courses (and many more not listed below) can also be specifically tailored and delivered in-company for your organisation.

Accident Investigation Workshop

Without proper investigation following an accident or incident, the chances are that the underlying causes will not be identified and the accident will recur, causing further injury or loss of life, damage to the organisation’s reputation and loss of production. This interactive workshop will enable delegates to understand all the required components of an effective incident or accident investigation; how to interview witnesses and take statements; the information required by enforcement authorities; and how to do root cause analysis. The workshop will draw upon a range of accident case studies.

Asbestos Awareness

An introduction to the topic of asbestos, designed for anyone working in the safety, management or maintenance of workplaces where asbestos may be present, or anyone whose work may expose them to asbestos. Includes an overview of what asbestos is, where it may be found, health risks, basic control principles and relevant legislation.

Basic Control of Ergonomic Factors

This course provides a good introduction to ergonomic principles, identifying ergonomic issues/problems and input into discussions regarding the development of ergonomic assessment and solutions.

Construction Safety

A course for those managing construction safety. It focuses on identification of construction hazards, evaluation of risks and identification of appropriate control strategies.

Developing a Positive Health and Safety Culture

This course provides delegates with an understanding of the factors affecting health and safety culture and, in particular, those factors that promote a positive health and safety culture.

Developing Safety Policies and Procedures Workshop

A very practical workshop that will provide delegates with the confidence and knowledge to allow them to design and implement effective health and safety policies and procedures. Delegates will practise and be assessed on writing safety procedures.

Emergency Planning

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to develop and maintain emergency plans within an organisation. It looks at developing, monitoring and maintaining emergency plans along with consequence minimisation through emergency procedures including: fire extinguishing and evacuation, first-aid treatment, spill containment.

Fire Risk Assessment

A comprehensive review of how to undertake fire risk assessments and how to identify appropriate preventive and protective fire safety measures, means of escape, fire detection and suppression systems. Examples will be taken from a range of industries.

Fire Safety for Fire Marshals/Fire Wardens

This course looks at actions to be taken in the event of fire along with an introduction to prevention and protection.

Job Hazards Analysis

This course looks at the multistep process in which a job or task is broken down into basic steps. Each basic step is analysed for hazards and safe practices are developed to eliminate the hazards associated with each basic job step.

Logistics and Plant Training

JSS offer a comprehensive range of practical safety training courses under this title including:

  • Lift Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Pickers
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Harness Training
  • Basic Rigging
  • Warehouse Safety

Measuring Health and Safety Performance

This course looks at the complex area of measuring health and safety performance. It looks at the techniques available, how they can be implemented, and the interpretation and use of the data.

Office Safety

Offers an overview of all typical office safety issues – the hazards and risks associated with office environments, how to design-out hazards, and how to encourage behaviours that contribute to office safety and reduce health and safety risks.

OHSAS 18001 Implementation Workshop

An interactive workshop for those involved in implementing, managing and maintaining OHSAS 18001 safety management systems. It includes the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore alternative approaches. This course is a must for all those seeking the necessary background knowledge for OHSAS 18001 implementation.

Safe Systems of Work and Permits-to-Work

This course covers the key aspects of safe systems of work focusing on permits-to-work. Along with covering the essential aspects of a successful system it also looks at monitoring and auditing to ensure that the system works as intended.

Safety Practitioner

A course designed for those seeking a career as a safety practitioner, or those new to the profession. The course explores the common issues facing the profession – safety management engagement, safety legislation and trends, reactive and proactive safety management etc. – and discusses training and career options for the safety practitioner. It also provides the perfect preparation for progression to the next level of professional qualifications.

Safety Rigging Practices

This course will look at modern rigging equipment and its use across a range of applications in different industries. It will identify safety best practice in rigging and discuss the range of hazards, associated risks and their control.

Working at Height

This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the safety issues associated with working at height as well as measures required to identify hazards and minimise the associated risks. The course will include consideration of scaffolding, cranes, lifts, mobile towers and other means of working at height as well as associated safety equipment.

Working Safely in Confined Spaces

The risks from working in confined spaces are often underestimated – this course will examine the range of confined spaces, the risks they pose and the control measures required to reduce or eliminate them.

Risk Assessment

Designed to assist managers and engineers with the implementation of a broad range of modern and practical, qualitative risk assessment techniques.

More Courses

  • DSE
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • PPE
  • Office Safety
  • Noise Awareness
  • Environmental Safety
  • Spillage Control
  • Risk Assessment
  • Stress
  • Welfare and house keeping
  • Food Hygiene

Further courses can be developed or a course program designed to meet the clients needs.

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All our courses can also specifically tailored and delivered in-company for your organisation ...

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